Sunrise Ballet Guild
Performance Administration: Sara Velarde
Production Logistics: Rosanna Alvarez
Fundraising Coordination: Wendy Doeding
Marketing Coordination: Jessica DiLuigi
Legal Consultant: Michelle Knowles
Debra Kaye owned and taught at her own studio in Riverside for 30 years (1968 to 1998). Her training includes Paul DeRolf, The Edge in Los Angeles, Gus Giordano, Michael Rooney and Bob Fosse. Debra has been a teacher at Riverside College and University of California at Irvine.
In addition to teaching at the HSDA, she is a certified Pilates teacher, and also teaches at the prestigious Freddy Finn studio in Riverside. She started her PILATES training & certification in 1998 with Karen Klipinger, with emphasis on training methodology for dancers. She attended the Long Beach Body Balance Core Intelligence and Mat programs & Seminars. She is also working with Karen Scarano at the Plexis Pilates studios in Riverside.
Shay Thiede,
Assistant Operations Officer & Ballet Mistress
Sunrise Ballet
Active Staff 2022-23
Jennifer Wong
Ashlie Fleig
Karreem Ibrahim