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The Sunrise Ballet offers educational & entertaining lecture/demonstrations for field trips to all Scouting and youth organizations. They include information on the history of the art, costuming, becoming a dancer, putting on a ballet production, and demonstrations by the Sunrise Ballet corps de ballets. It’s also interactive; as the audience will get to learn and do some dance steps. You’ll meet dancers, teachers & directors, and be able to ask questions. And It’s absolutely free! Contact the Sunrise Ballet for details:

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YouTube: The full-length SB Nutcracker 2017

Basic questions people ask about Sunrise Ballet Nutcracker:
Q: I'm in a high school drama club. Can I still get the 1/2 price tickets for my group? A: Yes.
Q: I have a baby. Does everyone need a ticket? A: Congratulations, and yes. (It's highly suggested that children under 2 years not attend.).
Q: How long is the performance? A: About 2 hours, give or take 5 minutes.
Q: How big is the ACPA (Servite) Theater? A: It has a 1,000 seat audience capacity.
Q: Is there an intermission? A: Yes– 15 minutes.
Q: Can we eat & drink inside the theater? A: No, the theater management does not allow that.
Q: Parking? A: Parking is free in the theater parking lot.
Q: Who gets the 1/2 price deal in my scout or church group? A: All of you: The troop leaders, parents helping out, even extra family members that attend with your group.
Q: Scout patches? A: Yes! They are $1 each. Let us know how many you'll need, and we will send them to you after the production. We don't give them out at the theater.
Q: Can we take pictures during the performance? A: No, sorry. No photography or videotaping inside the theater.
Q: Can we meet the dancers? A: Yes, the Corps de ballet members of the SB will come into the lobby right after each performance. You can meet & get photos with them. (For the safety of the rest of cast, only the corps members are allowed to do this.)
Q: How do I get to see the dancers after performances? A: The audience will be cleared, then the rest of the cast will be ready to see & pick up after they have changed into street clothing.
Q: Can I go backstage? A: No. For security and safety of our cast & crew, only authorized persons are allowed on stage, backstage or dressing areas.
Q: How many years has the Sunrise Ballet done the Nutcracker? A: 2018 is our 30th year.
Q: Is the show the same as last year? A: NO! The Sunrise Ballet Nutcracker is re-choreographed and re-staged each year. This makes it fresh and new for the cast & audience.
Q: Is this a dance studio "recital"? A: NO! The Sunrise Ballet is a performing ballet company, not a dance studio. There's a big difference.
Q: Do you hire professional dancers to do the lead roles? A: NO! We have enough talented local dancers right here. Besides, why take those parts away from dancers who have worked very long and very hard- and deserve them?

Map to the Theater

Our 2019 Nutcracker performances will be Saturday, Dec. 7th at 12pm,
Saturday, Dec. 7th at 4pm and
Sunday, Dec. 8th at 12pm
at the ACPA (Servite) theater, 1952 La Palma in Anaheim.
Tickets go on sale to the public October 12th.

To purchase tickets online, use the Yellow box below.

No refunds or exchanges on online ticket purchases. All orders received after Nov. 16th will be held at the box office. Tickets purchased online are at the regular $20 per ticket rate only- no discounts. Tickets may also be purchased directly by coming in to the studio. All seats are assigned seating. All persons, regardless of age, must have a ticket. It is highly suggested that children under 2 years not attend the show. Scout troops, PTA’s, credit unions, church youth groups and all other valid organizations may purchase tickets at $10 each with no other discounts, but must use their valid organization check to purchase tickets. Any discounted purchases must be done via mail or by coming in to the school in person. Sunrise Ballet is a California non-profit organization (502-C #33-0829097) devoted to the cultural enrichment, entertainment and education of the community we live in.

If you have questions, e-mail us at