The Hirschl School is offering
Interactive online and in-school lessons- open to the public.
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In-School and Interactive Online Classes!  “Online” and “Virtual”
    There's nothing "virtual" about HSDA classes. Students are watched individually & are corrected;  they can ask questions and get answers. There is real-time interaction. It’s just like being at the studio, albeit online. At the Hirschl School they are real classes.
    "Virtual" implies something more like what my daughter does when she puts on her Occulus VR headset: “not real”. For that kind of scene, there are plenty of YouTube dance class clips to entertain you. Yes, I hear that many dance studios just do a “follow-the-leader” kind of online thing, and don’t pay attention to or correct the students. If it works for them, that’s fine.
    We use masks, temperature checks, cleaning, distancing and reduced group size. For the safety of our Patrons, we also make use of a high-output UVC light to disinfect the facility. It’s the same kind of instrument that hospitals use to clean their operating rooms.